I would just like to express my immense gratitude for all the help and support you’ve given since last year! To update you, I have been accepted into [five colleges], and have been waitlisted at [two colleges]. I sincerely doubt I would have gotten in if it were not for your help, so thank you!

I Sincerely Doubt I Would Have Gotten In If It Were Not For Your Help

Dr. Matthews has made a tremendous difference in our lives. She is smart, straightforward and knowledgeable. Her rapport with my kids is genuine. She is a wonderful resource for families dealing with the challenges of raising healthy productive children. She is wise to the college acceptance game (she has a daughter at an Ivy League school) and I very feel lucky to have her wise counsel!

Kathy K.

Wise to the College Acceptance Game

She is an amazing college counselor.  She took my kid through the whole process and he ended up at the perfect college for him.  She was very helpful at every step of the way–picking the college list, supporing my son with writing the essay, and dealing with anxious parents :-).  Just go see her!

Karen S.

Just Go See Her!