About Me

I went to Brown University as an undergraduate where I was selected for their elite Writing Fellow program.  After graduating from Brown, I went to the University of Minnesota and earned a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology.  I have spent 20 years helping children, teens, and adults with stress and anxiety.  I am well-equipped for working with teens who are anxious about college admissions–as well as their anxious parents. 

I have a lifelong calling for helping others discover their sparks and live their passion. Fifteen years ago, I began working with teens who were paralyzed by trying to write their college essays.  With my background as an Ivy League writing coach, I developed a unique process for coaching high school students through writing their college essays.  I also provided my clients with interview preparation based on my experience as alumni admissions interviews for Brown University. The students I work with have extremely high success rates in college admissions.  I believe my clients are so successful with college admissions because their essays stand out.

Brown University

When my daughter was applying to college, I had the opportunity to act as her college admissions counselor.  I helped with every step of the process: developing her college list, visiting colleges, helping her craft her activities list, and editing her essay.  I fell in love with the entire process.  My daughter has very clearly defined interests so I needed to find schools that met her requirements.  The college list I developed for her looked eclectic;  It included an Ivy League school, a large state university, a private Liberal Arts college, and a California State University.  However, it was the perfect list for her.

I went on to act as college admissions counselor for my two younger children.  All three of my children were accepted to their first-choice colleges.  After the experience of helping my children with their college admissions, I have expanded my college counseling business.  I earned an Individual Educational Consultant certificate from University of California, Irvine and I am a member of HECA.

I look forward to being your college admissions coach for your journey of a lifetime.