College Essay Coaching

College Essay Coach

Are you a high schools student who is stumped by what to say on your college admissions essay?  College essay coach, Alexandra Matthews, Ph.D., helps students write college essays that make their college applications stand out to college admissions.

Why not hire an Ivy League Writing Fellow to help with your college essay?

College Essay Coach MarinAs a Writing Fellow at Brown University, Alexandra Matthews received training on how to help students overcome writer’s block.  Alexandra’s college essay coaching style helps every student dig deep. She helps every student find what is already within them–the ability to tell their story, to express some key aspect of their personality or their experience.  Her essay coaching has helped countless students find within themselves creativity and self-expression that they did not know they had.

The College Essay–The Most Important Part of Your College Application

The number of college applications continues to rise and college admissions rates continue to fall.  Writing a great essay is the best way for your application to catch the attention of college admissions.  Most students understand the importance of the essay, but they are uncertain about how to write a noteworthy essay.  With her unique method of college essay coaching, Alexandra Matthews turns the most stressful part of the college application into a fun, interactive voyage of self-discovery.