Your College Admissions Journey

College admissions counselor MarinYour Guide on the College Admissions Journey

College Odyssey provides expert guidance that today’s high school students need to succeed in college admissions.  College Odyssey helps students find colleges that are a perfect fit and provides the advice and guidance students need to gain admission to that Best Fit college. College Admissions Counselor, Alexandra Matthews, Ph.D. has helped countless high school students gain admissions to multiple colleges.

College Odyssey is located in Mill Valley, Marin County, California.  But wherever you are, Alexandra Matthews, Ph.D., can help with your college application!  She also works remotely as a College Admissions Counselor to clients nationally and internationally.

Alexandra’s college admissions coaching takes the stress out of the college application process.  She has unique set of skills that make her a perfect partner in the college or graduate school application process.  She has been working as a life coach with teens for 20 years, helping them with anxiety and stress management.  She brings her success with teen anxiety and stress management to the college application process.  In addition, Alexandra taught writing at an Ivy league college and has been an alumni admissions interviewer for an Ivy league school.

Helping with every phase of the college admissions process

Parents, you don’t need to worry about your child’s college applications because Alexandra will work with your child through the whole process.  She helps you and your student navigate every phase of the application  process–identifying what you and your student value in a school, helping with organization of all parts of the application, helping with writing and revising the personal essay, preparing for admissions interviews, and making the final choice between the numerous schools that have offered your student admission.  Her emphasis is on making the whole process as transparent and stress-free as possible, and helping her students make conscious choices that are in keeping with their values and true self.